Need An Interpreter Now?

It Is Simple!

Whether this is an ASAP request or a sudden need for the next couple of months, Language Resource Center (LRC) can assist you. Our team works around the clock to meet your needs. Call our office now to speak with a live representative and get more information on how we can support and get you set-up to receive language services. The process is short and direct, so your language needs can be covered as soon as requested.
Whether you are a government worker, an international business figure, a health care provider, lawyer, or a tourist, we have a team of professional interpreters, translators, and trainers ready to assist you.

Need An Interpreter Now?

To get started and gain access to our services, please call us toll free at (877) 689-0224. You can also use any one of the following methods to place a request:

Phone:      (877) 689-0224

Fax:          1-704-208-4018


On-Line: Web-based scheduling

(username & password required, Call us  to SIGN-UP)

You can also Request a Free Quote for any of Our Services and an LRC representative will respond within 24 hours.