On-Site Interpretation

Face-to-Face Communication

Face to face communication is the most common and effective type of communication. When working with Limited English Proficient (LEP) or deaf persons, personal human interaction and visual contact are imperative to maintain the efficiency, accuracy, and dependability of the communication.

Our On-Site Interpreting service is the most appropriate solution for meetings, conferences, and procedures requiring face-to-face interaction. The LRC interpreter will help maintain effective communication unhindered by the language skills of either party, as well as bridge the cultural gaps expressed in non-verbal communication. This ensures that the objectives of your interaction are achieved, boosting productivity and customer satisfaction.


Assessment of the individual’s communication needs and the nature of the event play a vital role in determining the most suitable type of interpretation. Generally, on-site interpreting is advisable for lengthy, complicated, and critical matters especially in settings such as healthcare, legal, and business due to the communication complexities that may arise. Using a trained professional on-site will help you maintain effective communication that is confidential, ethical, culturally accurate, and unhindered. This ensures that the objectives of your interactions are achieved while maintaining compliance with state and federal laws.

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LRC on-site interpreters will not simply interpret what you or your LEP and/or deaf consumers say; our interpreters will discuss your requirements with you in detail before the actual interpretation to build a foundation of understanding about your business and your objectives. This enables them to provide the optimum interpretation service that can lead you to success when working with LEP or deaf/hard of hearing individuals. Our interpreters are not just ‘bilingual bystanders’ – they know who you are and are well aware of your objectives. All LRC interpreters are highly skilled, carefully screened, qualified and trained in industry requirements. They are bound by strict codes of conduct and ethics to ensure high levels of integrity and professionalism, essentially acting as your own associates.