Are you an experienced interpreter or translator? Language Resource Center recognizes those exceptional skills and is always searching for talented people to join our team of professionals.

With globalization, the world has become increasingly diverse and the need for people who can communicate in more than one language has grown significantly. Millions of organizations find themselves at a loss when it comes to communicating with Limited English Proficient (LEP) clients and deaf and deaf-blind individuals simply because they do not have the ability to communicate. They need the support of reliable language service experts, such as the Language Resource Center, to bridge communication and cultural gaps with their clients.

As the demand for interpreters and translators continues to grow, our team grows too. To find out what positions we are currently looking to fill click here. If you do not find a position applicable to you at the moment, do not be discouraged. Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to get notifications of our latest needs.

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LRC is looking for professional, enthusiastic, motivated individuals with excellent language skills and experience in language services. As we expand our operations, our need for interpreters and translators grows, so apply today even if we are not currently recruiting in your particular area of expertise.

It is our commitment to exceed the expectations and demands of our clients and consumers. If you are passionate about language services, thrive on challenges, and have experience in the field of interpretation and/or translation, join our team today.

If you don’t consider your skills are adequate to work professionally, we invite you to review our Training and Workshops page for information on upcoming interpretation, translation training, and more.


LRC provides equal opportunities to all individuals regardless of sex, race, religion, color, sexual preference or any physical or mental disability.