At Language Resource Center in Charlotte, NC we are very much aware that your patients, their families and carers won’t always speak English as a first language and at times our healthcare workers have the need to communicate with someone who is deaf or hearing impaired.

We are thoroughly committed to honoring patients’ and family’s rights when it comes to the aid of professional interpreters in the healthcare sector. Our professional interpreters are trained and experienced to help all patient care settings are ensure effective communication, quality and patient safety and to minimize all potential adversities.

Language Resource Center’s interpreters are experts in standard procedures for working in the healthcare field and are ready to assist all staff across the health services spectrum to make sure that patients and their families are always well-informed.


A Healthcare Translations Expert That Gets It

Whether it be government policy information that health care professionals need for patients to understand, or medical options that need to be discussed in-depth. Our Interpreters are always there to facilitate communication with people who lack English fluency, those who are deaf, and medical staff in the healthcare system. Language Resource Center’s professional interpreters allow healthcare professionals to fulfill their medical obligations in the best manner, especially when it comes to obtaining valid consent and informing patients.

There are a number of functions that our healthcare interpreter services, provide to ensure the best possible outcomes and protect the dignity of patients and their families. Allowing non-professional interpreters or patients’ family or friends to stand in for a qualified specialist is not only a breach of standard procedures, but also creates unnecessary risks for patients. The care owed to the patient is not only of the highest importance, but could also result in avoidable legal action.

Language Resource Center’s healthcare interpreter services are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week in Charlotte, North Carolina. We also provide phone interpreting services in 190 languages. Our interpreters also offer communications services in American Sign Language for individuals who are deaf or hearing impaired.

Our Healthcare Interpreters Protect Patients and Hospitals

Under civil rights law, members of the general public (i.e. patients, their family/friends/carers, etc.) are not responsible for finding a healthcare interpreter services on their own. The responsibility of finding a good interpreter lies with the healthcare provider who sees a patients that requires an interpreter’s services. At Language Resource Center we’re more than well-prepared to ensure that Charlotte healthcare providers have the best language professional to serve their patients and their loved ones.

Translation as opposed to interpretation, is the written transmission of written messages from one language to another. Language Resource Center offers translation services for: medical documents, insurance forms, government documents like birth or death certificates, legal documents for consent, and every kind of written medium that patients and their families require.

Language is always a multicultural communication experience, and at Language Resource Center we are mindful of the diversity in Charlotte NC and are committed to providing work that heals patients and brings our community closer together.

For more information about our healthcare language services, call Language Resource Center today!