At Language Resource Center in Charlotte NC, we are very aware of the importance of accuracy when interpreting in government sector meetings. Our time-tested experience and rigorous quality standards ensure that our clients receive interpretations of the best quality, consistently. All of our talented interpreters go through a rigorous multiple stage interpreter selection process before being considered for our pool of professionals and getting approved to receive client assignments.

We encourage government contractor and representatives in and around Charlotte to take advantage of our government sector translations and interpreting expertise. We only send specialized interpreters to each event and have successfully completed countless interpretation jobs that reflect a language proficiency of mastery, talented simultaneous interpretation and a knowledge base of sector terminology. Many of our interpreters also hold national certifications from the fields in which they do their translator/interpreter work.

Language Resource Center’s government translation/interpretation services are available to the Public Sector in and around Charlotte NC. We serve all levels of government in the area. All our services are delivered by the best suited professional interpreters and translators to help your organization break language barriers and facilitate the flow of important communications. All of our translation projects are only managed by top performing professionals. Whether our clients submit a court transcript, records pamphlets, or other government forms they will receive a thoroughly translated document, on time and within budget.

Government Interpreting Services

We source from a thoroughly vetted network of experienced and qualified government field interpreters and language experts for in-person, telephone and remote video conference interpreting appointments. We are proud to serve federal, state, county and municipal government in and around the greater Charlotte NC area. Our professional interpreters have high linguistic competence in 190 languages, including American Sign Language and have experience serving the following government agencies:


Social Services

Public Safety

Public Health

Public Schools

Department of Motor Vehicles

Department of Corrections

Operational Services


Employment & Labor

At Language Resource Center we guarantee. The compliance standards for our clients and their distinguished guests. Top-quality language translation/interpretation services at the price range you need, and that you provide equal language access to all your team members and your counterparts.

Our Selection Criteria

Language Resource Center draws from the combined experience of the most diverse network of experts in the field. We understand your needs, and work day and day out to deliver beyond expectations and within budget. Our linguists are time tested professionals with considerable experience and varying translation specialties. When you order our interpretation services, you can rest assured that your trusted professional has coursed in rigorous educational programs, and has also been thoroughly vetted with a process that includes a de jure background check.

Our government translation services are only entrusted to the most diligent, high-performing professionals, and they produce translated documents with impressive turnaround times. Our professional schedulers are always there to make sure to find the ideal interpreters for your on-site, telephone and video meetings, when and where you need them.Schedule your Government

Language Services, Today!

Whether you need to translate government documents to address the needs of a diaspora community, or find an American Sign Language interpreter for your next public speech, meeting, appointment or community event, we will find the right interpreter for all your spoken and/or sign language needs. We are here to help you make all your global connections right here in Charlotte, NC.

For more information about our government language services, call Language Resource Center now!