The Language Resource Center’s document translation services allow customers in Charlotte, NC to take full advantage the linguistic expertise they need for their written materials. Documents have been the most fundamental means of communication since the dawn of civilization. Documents are at the base of the economy, education system, government and every other transaction, even personal ones. Without documentation, be it on paper or electronic, society would cease to function and we would immediately be shot back to the stone age.


At the Language Resource Center, we understand vital importance of top quality translation for every document in our queue. Our document translation services encompass a range of translation experience that includes all types of documentation (electronic and paper-based), that includes: correspondence, contracts, medical records, government documents, marketing brochures, legal papers, educational materials, legal filings, technical manuals, website contents, e-mails, software documentation, advertisements, books, public notices, grant proposals, financial information, licenses, birth certificates, divorce decrees, transcripts, safety notices, diplomas, pharmaceutical materials, magazines, blogs, news feeds, and many more.


Our Document Translations Process


An in-depth look into a Language Resource Center translation services in Charlotte, NC reveals a profound understanding and mastery of language and a keen awareness to the functionality of every type of document that our clients entrust to us.


According to the type of writing and the document subject matter, Language Resource Center assigns the right translator with the precise specialty to match your project needs. Our process ensures that the final translation will contain the right terminology and communicate the intended message to document’s intended audience with complete precision. Regardless if your document translation includes legal content or highly technical post-structural linguistics terms. At Language Resource Center has the background and experience necessary for the best documents translations with any subject matter and areas of expertise.


High-Volume Document Translations


A recurring challenge in a large translation project is the appropriate planning for optimal work management. This includes strict deadline compliance, publication dates and costs. At Language Resource Center in Charlotte, NC. Our experience speaks for itself, whether it be when we process record-breaking volumes of document translations or the quality of our target language writing choices. For larger projects, we furnish you with project plans that specify every delivery date for all your required contents.


The Language Resource Center in Charlotte, works with the best translation assets in the industry, which allows us quick turnaround times for top quality work as well as reliable capabilities that endure. We have built systems that allow us to process large volumes of files and quantify the number of repeated phrases and terms of art. This not only improves on time management, but also enhances quality and lowers costs.


Whenever we’re called about litigation documents in cardboard boxes, we offer to arrange a pick up rendezvous for the documentation, we scan the required files and translate them in accordance to deadlines agreed upon. We are the premiere choice for top law firms in Charlotte, NC due to our tested performance at translating volumes with superior quality.